How Your Brake Pads Help

What You Need to Know

Your braking system is made up of a variety of components that contribute to its performance. One of these components within the system is the brake pad, which is key to ensuring protecting you and your vehicle. These pads help the calipers safely squeeze on the brake disc, which allows your vehicle to stop safely.

Not sure what the benefits of the brake pads are? The team at Car Doc is here to help with just that. Here are a few positives your vehicle will receive when it’s equipped with strong brake pads!

Protects Key Components

One of the primary goals of the brake pads is to prevent damage from occurring between the metal calipers and the metal brake disc. When the brake pads are fully worn, metal-on-metal contact can begin to occur between these two components. This is awful for your brakes, as this can cause significant damage to the system and you won’t be able to stop your vehicle as quickly and safely as you need to. Eventually, you might experience brake failure! Make sure your vehicle is always equipped with brake pads to ensure performance and maintain longevity!

Maintain Proper Performance

Along with just protecting the components within your braking system, it also helps maintain its level of performance and safety for longer. Brake pads help generate friction, which allows your vehicle to slow down and stop properly. When your brakes are equipped with fresh brake pads, you’ll notice the impact they have almost immediately. Your brakes will quickly respond to even the lightest tap of the brake pedal, and you’ll be able to stop your vehicle at a moments notice. You can ensure this is always what you experience when you are routinely changing out the brake pads!

The brake pads play an essential role in the performance and safety of your braking system. Make sure you schedule a routine brake service with Car Doc in Delmar, Delaware and ensure your vehicle is always equipped with the best brake pads available! Both you and your vehicle deserve the best in performance and safety!

By on July 31st, 2019 in Auto Repair